Castings and machining

The company, in co-operation as part of a group with Královopolská slévarna, s.r.o., offers sets of castings and their machining.
Static castings in a weight range of 10 – 4,500 kg. In width and length ranges of 100 – 4,000 mm, height 2,000 mm.
Also the centrifugal casting of pipes, bushings, flanges, bimetallic pipes, etc.
Casting in ceramic moulds 5 – 250 kg. UNICAST licence.
The company’s basic range includes 150 types of cast materials meeting world standards:
  • carbon steels for general use
  • low-alloy steels for use under normal and increased temperatures
  • low-alloy steels for general use under low temperatures
  • corrosion-resistant steels including austenitic-ferritic (duplex)
  • heat-resisting steels and alloys
  • abrasion-resistant steels and alloys
  • alloys with spheroidal graphite and austenitic alloys with spheroidal graphite

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